Will this lens work with my camera?

Answer The lens will mount to your Sony DSLR but only IF you use an adapter. Its hardly worth the effort though. You'll have to use stop-down metering and manually focus the lens.B&H has the adapter for $... Read More »

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How does a camera lens work?

A camera lens uses refraction to focus light on the film, or in a digital camera on the CCD or other light-sensitive array. When a ray of light passes from a less dense to a more dense medium (suc... Read More »

200mm camera lens work?

I've used a 200 mm lens on a 35 mm camera for track events and football. It is a little long for portrait work, but may work OK for random candid people shots.

You recently purchased a quantaray lens 28-200mm D aspherical lens for your nikon D80 camera The lens will not focus on a subject unless you are at least 3 feet away Why is that's?

No. Architectural photography requires control over converging vertical lines. Anytime you shoot a building and don't hold the camera perfectly perpendicular to the building's surface, the vertical... Read More »

Does a nikon camera lens work in other cameras?

No a nikon camera lens will most likely only work on the camera it was specifically built for because they have their own special design and it usually doesn't follow exactly to other brands.