Will this help me to get fatter?

Answer To get fat? Definitely

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How can I get fatter?

You got to eat a lotKey thing: don't do any drugs, even weed or tobacco. They all harm.If you can afford it, ask your dad and mom or whoever you live with to start cooking lots of red meat for you.... Read More »

How can I make myself look fatter?

Avoid dark clothes, wear thick fabrics like velvet or denim. Wearing white makes things look fatter, or even faded denim jeans. Layering your clothes and avoid anything skin tight. Wear a padded bra.

How come i got fatter after i went vegetarian?

It's all the simulated crap.Full of fat and carbs

Why do I feel fatter after a workout?

Maybe your diet isn't very clean? Do you feel that after you exercise, you pig out a little b/c you think that b/c you exercised, it's ok to have a piece of chocolate? It's fine to do this one in a... Read More »