Will this hard drive work work with my computer?

Answer Yes it will work

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Will this Hard Drive work with this External Case?

There were two versions of similar HDD. One was SATA and one was PATA.…If your model was Pata,You need USB 2.0 to IDE/PATA Read More »

Will an ATA-6 hard drive work with an ATA-5 chipset?

An ATA-6 (also known as Ultra ATA/100) hard drive will work in an ATA-5 (Ultra ATA/66) chipset. Both of these ATA modes are direct memory access modes, which are backward compatible with one anothe... Read More »

Will an external hard drive work with a DC3416?

The Motorola DC3416 Digital DVR can connect to an external hard drive via an IEEE 1394 (i.e. Firewire port.) This DVR is capable of recording up to 25 hours of HD quality content.References:Motorol... Read More »

Will MaxBlast work with a Western Digital hard drive?

Maxtor MaxBlast, which enables users to create data backups on your computer, entire discs, or individual partitions, requires the use of a Maxtor or Seagate drive. This program, which requires a P... Read More »