Will this give me a virus on tumblr?

Answer Have a good antivirus software enabled in your pc! So that you would be ok!

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Did you know there is a guy on YA that is trying to give us all a virus?

The guy has been doing this for two days now. He had *at least* seven accounts deleted yesterday, but Yahoo! keeps allowing his malicious link through.After two days and literally HUNDREDS of repor... Read More »

Does limewire give or have virus?

Limewire does not contain viruses. You are not downloading from limewire you are downloading from other peoples computers. Those people might have viruses in their files and then transfered to you ... Read More »

Can going on a website give you a virus?

If you don't have any spyware programs, I would download Spybot S&D just to be safe, run a search for spyware that might have been put onto your computer.As for viruses, you probably didn't get one... Read More »

Will Limewire give me a virus?

Sooner or later, absolutely 100%.EDIT: You're getting files THROUGH Limewire, not from them. You have absolutely no idea where they are coming from. Not to mention, people have been fined millions ... Read More »