Will this diet plan work?

Answer i think your diet plan is good and it will work if you follow it long enough. you could also add some jogging or any other type of cardio exercises (treadmill, bike etc.). this will increase your m... Read More »

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Is this plan REALLY going to work for Will Days?

I doubt this plan will work they keep going on and on about how smart Nick is but hes not smart enough to keep his proof from being found? I doubt it. I think the plan will fail people will be even... Read More »

What is a good vegetarian diet plan that would work well and fast?

I tend not to like strict diet plans. I found that I ate a LOT better when I went vegan (no more cheesey gooey goodness or ice cream). I would suggest going vegan for the period of your diet. Also,... Read More »

What will happen if we quit rice & wheat permanently from our diet plan?

As odd as it may sound, that is actually very good for your health. Wheat these days is very man-made and no longer has many vitamins. Even whole-wheat is not quite nutritious as it originally was.... Read More »

Will I gain weight if I eat this diet?

That is okay for one day, but you have to change it up everyday. Exercise is also vital in determining your weight.