Will this cut heal please hel im really scared?

Answer Yes it will heal,just leave it alone and forget all about it. You only need to wash with soap and water...............

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Please help im really scared my cut will never heal anymore help?

Whoa whoa whoa boy! Calm down! Sadly i can't answer again after this, but you might want to put some periods and comas and..just punctuations. Slow down and explain better.

Will my cut wound heal im really scared?

I think the problem why it's not healing is you're not leaving it alone to heal.You said:" scabed after a hour 2 days later the first week i peeled it off left a dent mark..."Leave it alone an... Read More »

Please help me will my wound heal im really worried it stoped itching?

You need to leave it alone by picking the scaps off or applying creams which aren't suitable for around the eye area you are interfering with the bodies healing process so it will take longer you n... Read More »

Please help.. how long will this take to heal.. :(?

didnt you ask this question yesterday? ya, ya you did.