Would this cost money ?

Answer Most likely not as there is usually no long distance charges on cell phones, but it all depends on your plan. There is no way to know for sure without checking with AT&T.

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How much money will it cost to paint a house?

Exterior paint costs $25-$45 per gallon. A 3,000-square-foot home will need about 15 gallons of paint to cover the exterior. That is approximately $600 in paint. Add another $200 for tarps, tape... Read More »

How much money in tax will I if I buy a product that cost $477.00?

If you call into BBC Radio 1 will it cost any money?

If you have free minutes and if it covers the type of connection Radio 1 is using e.g a premium cost then you should be OK.First check what your free minutes cover.

How much money will I have to pay if it cost 95,400 for a bachelor degree.?

As I understand it, NYPD Cadet Program will be okay with any regionally accredited college. You're a NY resident, yes? Go to a SUNY. The SUNYs offer a ton of programs online and in person. Here are... Read More »