Will this computer hardware work with each other?

Answer Sorry. I'm only familiar with Air Supply.*Mumbles to self I've really got to keep up with the times*

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If I want to learn how computer's hardware work, what school do I go to And what career?

any will do - get a+ or maybe electrical engineering will teach you the most. helpdesk, electric engineer, networking maybewhich one you find the most interesting determines whether you can just go... Read More »

What are the main differences between Computer software, computer hardware, and electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is concerned with the theory and uses of electricity and electronics, and may include computer hardware, but could also be rotating machines (motors) or transmission lines (u... Read More »

What is the difference between computer science and computer hardware?

Computer science is the study of computers (particularly software). Computer hardware is the physical parts of a computer. Hardware may include a screen, a hard drive, a mouse, a keyboard, RAM, etc... Read More »

What is the difference between computer hardware and computer software?

Hardware/Software Hardware ia anything HARD, in essence, paper, printers, mice, hard drives, processor fans, monitors, etc. Software is otherwise known as computer programs.