Will this benefit me later in my life?

Answer Congratulations on an excellent lifestyle choice. But even if you did drink sodas, the key here I think would be to consume them in moderation. Ideally, the fewer the better and only when absolutel... Read More »

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Will cracking you knuckles give you arthritis in later life or is this just an old wives tale?

I think it is an old wives tale - but anyone that does it near me will find themselves coming out in bruises on other parts of their anatomy as I beat them senseless in an effort to make them stop!... Read More »

Will a baby with a high bilirubin count and jaundice be affected by it later in life?

Probably not, unless the count is maintained at very high levels for a long time, or it's a result of a liver problem.

If I had a water infection or impetigo when I was young could this stop me having children later on in life?

I'm an 12 years old and have had croup for as long as i can remember and I have herd other people coughing like me of the same age

Will a woman with gestational diabetes not get diabetes in later life?