Will this be ok for my Cigar humidor?

Answer It's not the best for the stogies. I would not go above 75º at the maximum, and would prefer it lower. I keep mine in my basement workshop where it is about 68-70º.The one thing to keep a constan... Read More »

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What Is the Cigar Humidor Gel Made Of?

Cigar humidor gel can help maintain proper humidity in a humidor. Keeping an ideal humidity level of about 70 percent will prevent cigars from drying out, which could cause them to fall apart, or g... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Cigar Humidor?

Cigar enthusiasts often invest quite a bit of time and money to enjoy a fine cigar at home. Humidors are used to store cigars at a proper relative humidity (rh) and temperature so that a cigar can ... Read More »

What is the purpose of a cigar humidor?

A cigar humidor is the best place to store cigars. This storage unit creates an environment that has the perfect humidity to keep cigars fresh and ready to smoke.HumidifierCigar humidors use humidi... Read More »

What should humidity be set to for a cigar humidor?

The ideal condition for a cigar humidor is 70 percent humidity, according to Neptune Cigars; however, a humidity of 65 to 74 percent is adequate. When humidity falls below 65 percent, adding distil... Read More »