Will this be able to run BF3?

Answer Look my computer is worst than your and it only has an AMD 6650 integrated. It can run medium and I am sure yours can run high or ultra if your lucky try it

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Will I be able to use this laptop bag for...?

The Alienware backpack is about 7" wide so you won't be able to put a lot of stuff inside.The Targus XL Backpack TXL617 is quite big, as you can see from the images ( Read More »

Will i be able to play this on the monitor?

It all depends on if the software supports split screen play. Most PC games do not. Fifa 12 and MW3 do not support split screen on the PC.

I am 60+. At this age will I be able to learn Animation?

I'm an amimator with 3D animations and yes you can learn it. The first thing is to decide what type of animation interests you. The main types are cell animation (old fasioned drawings and painting... Read More »

Will this computer be able to run games with a good fps?

If all you want to do is play games on high at 60fps that is extreme overkillif you wanted to save some money you can get way better deals for slightly lower specsgpu change it to a gtx 470/460inte... Read More »