Will this Sunday night be a good night to go out to the bars?

Answer why shouldn't it be

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Will These Over Night Oats Be Good Like This?

the yogurt might be better added in the morning and personally i'd miss out the peanut butter. the milk is what's needed most for the oats to absorb overnight.

What is a good lounge in NYC, that has good music, and reasonable price for drinks, to go on Sunday night?

Nothing is affordable in New York,especially on a Sunday night in the summer.

Good Late Night Food on Sunday in Mesa AZ?

Late night food, including some local stuff (Mexican), but mostly unique dishes can be found at Iguana Macks on Alma School Rd. It's open until 2am in the bar, including a food menu.

Can't sleep, its Sunday night... parent has colon cancer..are there any medical profess on the site this eve?

It's ok to cry, and to admit you're both scared. When I was diagnosed with colon cancer 5 years ago, I was terrified and so was my husband.The best way to get over the fear, is to do what you're d... Read More »