Will this Processor work in my computer?

Answer No, it won't work. The Pentium D uses socket 775 and the i3 uses socket 1155. The socket types are not compatible.

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Is there a computer processor requirement in order to use DSL service and have it work properly?

Doesnt matter, your PC is still faster then your online activities will need, however, keep in mind, the more applications you have running at startup and in the background, the slower your net wil... Read More »

Will a game requiring a 2.0 ghz processor work with a dual core 1.4 ghz processor?

When it comes to CPU... yes, a 2.0 will work even on a single core 1.4, just slower.Mind you, "by the book" your dual-core is 1,200mhz (1.2ghz) which is "accelerated" to 1,400mhz. This makes it r... Read More »

How do I find on my computer where it tells whether my computer has a 64 or 32 bit processor?

You need the 64bit version of windows. xp & vista both come in 64bit editions. actually, the software support for 64 isn't quite there yet for most applications. You can also run into a ton of prob... Read More »

Will this processor work in my PC?

Here is the CPU support list for the Inspiron 570, c man is right about requiring a bios uptadate 27VM5 AMD Phenom X4 640 3.008KDMP AMD Phenom X4 635 2.90V2PYH AMD Phenom X4 630 2.802PJ3W AMD Pheno... Read More »