Will this Processor work in my computer?

Answer No, it won't work. The Pentium D uses socket 775 and the i3 uses socket 1155. The socket types are not compatible.

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Will this graphics card work with this processor?

yes it works,But i think you should go with HD 6850 is priced 140 $ ANd far better than 7750.

Will this processor work with this motherboard?

"Supports Dual QPI Socket 1366 Intel Xeon 5600 and 5500 Processors"Xeon…

Will this processor work in my PC?

Here is the CPU support list for the Inspiron 570, c man is right about requiring a bios uptadate 27VM5 AMD Phenom X4 640 3.008KDMP AMD Phenom X4 635 2.90V2PYH AMD Phenom X4 630 2.802PJ3W AMD Pheno... Read More »

Will this processor work for a gaming pc?

Get an i5 processor.. That i3 processor is not good enough.. Get the Intel Core-i5 3350P Quad-Core Processor 3.1 Ghz for $169 and then ensure you have at least a mid- range graphics card. http://... Read More »