Will they make a friends movie?

Answer i have read several resources and sites that say different things some say they wont some say they will. i personally like friends and hope they will.the most things i have read is it will be relea... Read More »

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Do you think they will make another Austin Powers Movie?

Apparently they are.…

Will they do another Star Trek TNG movie?

That is unlikely. The actors' contracts with paramount pictures have all expired, so they won't be obligated to, and recently, there hasn't been any indication that they want to produce a new one.

Will they turn the fringe TV show into a movie?

"The Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Movie" (In Theaters August 28th, 2020)Rated: G - General Audiences"Daizy!: The Movie" (In Theaters July 4th, 2025) Rated: G - General Audiences

They have dogs see 4 blind, detect low blood sugars, seizures, etc. When will they make 1 that can clean house?

I had one that cleaned up potato chip crumbs for me.