Will they go away?

Answer omfg!! my birthday is december 26th!! haha thats weird!! Its my dads bday too! weeeird. your scares wont go away completely but they will decrease is visibility.

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Will they accept receipts with ink fading away?

May a copy of the receipt now and write the date on it...

If you like someones photo on facebook then unlike it straight away will they still get a notification?

Yes. But if you delete it right away hopefully they only see it for a min. What you can also do is go on your timeline and hide the post that says you've liked his/her's pic.

You had chicken pox but they went away before they blistered or scabbed?

Will children services take your child away if they find out your boyfriend was convicted of involuntary manslaughter but has served his time and is off parole?

Opinion: Living with a convicted felon is considered "risky behavior", and while DCFS would certainly have the right to take a child out of that environment, what they decide to do will depend enti... Read More »