Will they find marijuana in my system if i take a pee test?

Answer dude your screwed.

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Taking a drug test for employment, are they able to test the amount of marijuana smoked or only neg/pos result?

only neg or positive i am a medical assistant...they can find out amounts with a blood test

HELP NEED TO TAKE A PEE TEST FOR marijuana in the next hour!!?

tee hee. You can't. You're either going to have to stall your mom, or 'fess up. Stop smoking weed. It's the only way to not have it in your system.Maybe you could have your dog pee for you, but you... Read More »

If I eat marijuana will i pass a pee test?

You might not pass your pee test because you're still digesting the weed. It doesn't stay in your blood stream as long as smoking it but you will see traces of it for at least a week.

How do i get marijuana out of my system ?

Some people never learn, drink vinegar and water, no coffee.Sounds like you are going to be in the poo.