Will they cut my toe off?

Answer I doubt it, but you need it checked ASAP!!!!

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If my bed has bedbugs will they also go on my pjs What if I lie naked in bed, will they go on my skin?

Ok, you are getting obsessive about them, but yes, you do have a reason to be. They hide.They hide everywhere. Do you have them? You may need professionals to help you get rid of them. They will cr... Read More »

Can i run 100 LEDs on 240Volt AC will they burn out or burst or will they be dim ?

You could theoretically do that however there would have to be a current limiting resistor in series with all 100 LEDs and there would have to be a reverse voltage limiting diode across each one. T... Read More »

If you hold two cuts together until they heal, will they merge?

That will depend on how deep the cut is and how fast you tape them together and splint them. Obviously they could bind together, but you would not end up with webbing, just sticking and it would no... Read More »

Why do they lock gas station bathrooms Are they afraid someone will clean them?

Yes i agree babe stupid idea locking gas station bathrooms. lol