Will they bring WWE to one hd?

Answer they did already.

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Will they bring back Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Will they ever bring back trains with compartments in the UK?

well the main reason is that with open seating there is more room for standing passengers so when the train gets full, more people can get on the train, so the train company gets more money.

If i get fries from a burger place and bring them home how long will they stay fresh for?

no, they'll taste like crap and be all soggy as hell, just make your own,

Can the custodial parent bring a 15-year-old to the non-custodial parent and tell them if he is returned they will put him in boys school?

Answer If a parent wishes to relinquish custodial rights it must be done through the court. Actions such as described obviously can happen, but threats and intimidation of anyone (especially childr... Read More »