What would be the repercussions of sleeping with my contacts?

Answer Well someone's gonna get their d!ck caught in the modem...which is bound to be both messy and uncomfortable.

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What are the long-term psychological repercussions of subjecting an infant to The Teletubbies?

It TOTALLY causes Acute Accessory Fixation Disorder. AAFD is currently believed to be the number one cause of Gayness in America. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

What might be the negative repercussions of gathering a group of irreverent atheists to join an oblivious...?

Hey at least I pretend I have a life.........

If you live in two states can you get your auto insurance in the state with the cheaper premiums without any repercussions?

Answer Generally speaking if there is one car per person in the household then everyone is a primary driver. If there are fewer cars (2 cars 3 drivers) then one person can always be an occasional ... Read More »

Why do talk show hosts seem to look the other way when dealing with abusers and send the abuser home with the victim when the reality is that she faces serious repercussions for her candid statements?

Answer The public heard her confessions and she has everyone's sympathy for the abuse. Do you think the abuser will go back to his old ways when people will now be watching him closer? It is possi... Read More »