What Does Accumulation Value Mean in an Annuity?

Answer According to State Farm Insurance, an accumulation value is the total value of all the interest and premiums of an annuity that can then be taken in one sum at a future date or as a series of incom... Read More »

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Wealth Accumulation Strategies?

Unless you win the lottery or receive a large inheritance, the process of creating wealth is not something that happens overnight. Accumulating wealth normally requires many years of careful, syste... Read More »

What is the difference between canon and accumulation?

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Description of a Retirement Accumulation Account?

A retirement plan that gives you a steady income ensures you won't have to work into your old age. A retirement accumulation account is a form of pension set up by some companies. These accounts fu... Read More »

My vast accumulation of stock shares in Fluffin International Inc. have gone up in smoke, when should I jump?

Don't jump! As your broker, I can tell you that FII will experience a rebound in the third quarter of 2012. You have to be in this for the long haul. Here's some inside dope...they are on the verge... Read More »