Will there be a boondock saints 3 need to know!!!?

Answer Possibly. "In an October 27 article, director Troy Duffy and actor Billy Connolly mention details regarding a possible third film in the series. They maintained that "it is slowly in the works and ... Read More »

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So... Natural Born Killers, Green Street Hooligans or The Boondock Saints?

Natural Born Killers alllllll the way!Natural Born Killers is really well directed, the camera angles, the sit-com vibes when it's showing you Mallory's home life and the way it's sort of light-hea... Read More »

Is there a sequel to the movie"the covenant"?

"The Covenant" is a 2006 movie directed by Renny Harlin. It concerns four friends who are the descendants of a group of 17th-century warlocks. There have been rumors of a "Covenant" sequel, but as ... Read More »

Is there going to be a sequel for The Sopranos?

Is there going to be a sequel to this movie?

No, currently there are no plans to make a sequel