Is there going to be a Chris Nolan Dark knight trilogy box set in dvd & bluray?

Answer Definitely. How else do they earn extra profit?Right now they already have a box set for the first 2. I don't see why they won't do a box set that include Dark Knight Rises in the future.

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What is the name of the 90's children TV show where kids travelled to some medieval place where there was a dark knight and a castle?

Will there ever be a kamen rider dragon knight season 2?

No Kamen Rider Dragon Knight but hopfully Kamen Rider Blade next year.

When will there be another episode of kamen rider dragon knight?

The Ark of Truth is a wrap-up story to tie up the loose ends of the Ori invasion into the Milky Way Galaxy. It picks up where Season 10 ends, essentially at the point where Merlin's weapon is sent ... Read More »

How to Get to the Dark Knight in "AQ Worlds"?

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