Will there be a season 4 of being human on BBS?

Answer Fraser

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When will season 3 of US Being Human be available for live stream on Netflix?

The Season just finished 2 weeks ago, It won't be available on Netflix until it's released on DVD. That goes for any series that has a contract for streaming there. Most likely not until the fall. ... Read More »

When is season 2 episode 7 of human target going to aired?

first you choose your codes, then the action replay saves them on your ds (short term only) then you put the game back in to play the game :)

TH Family: Are you over reacting to the Human connect to Human song?

I agree with you 10000000000%!''personally I'm insulted if people in the TH family have problems with lesbians, gays or bisexuals''I feel the same way. no matter what, you do NOT discriminate again... Read More »

Does season 5 of supernatural is the final season or will there another season ahead?

Both main actors(sam and dean) have signed the dotted line for atleast another season.