Will their be a tap tap revenge 5?

Answer Yes, but not for a while yet. Tapulous are interested in exploring other markets, including PS/XBox and developing newer features such as voice recognition, meaning the TTR5 for iPod/iPhone will be... Read More »

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How do you get a revenge on your mean brother that will not get you in trouble?

1.get warm water 2.wait for him to sleep3.pour it on his wrong spot and watch the magic happen4 run to your parents room before he gets or kills you*only run if he's much bigger than you

How do you get good revenge on your mean brother that will not get you in trouble?

Revenge is never a good choice. Forgive him, it doesn't matter if he is not sorry for it. Forgiveness is not something we do for other but for ourselves, to be in peace with others. Remember not to... Read More »

Who said Children will learn when their learning meets their intellectual social and emotional needs If their needs are not met this can result in disruptions?

My first question to them would be about their philosophy concerning the care of children with disabilities. The answer will make all the difference to how he is treated. Next I would ask to see th... Read More »

When will foster kids be given their records about their lives?

I doubt I'll live to see that day. Our daughter had her COMPLETE record and pitched it a month later---she was 25 at the time. It contained everything! I do have her life book and I'm holding on to... Read More »