Will the swelling go away?

Answer Your circulation might be cut off which is causing the swelling. Ice the swollen parts of your body for 30 minutes, if swelling is the same or has Increased go to the ER.

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If i walk on my sprained ankle will the swelling get worse, stay the same or go away ?

Wasp sting swelling how do u get it away?

Get charcoal tablets or powdered charcoal and make a paste with it, apply it on the sting and put a band aid/plaster over the charcoal.

Lip piercing swelling wont go away!?

Why not just wear a hoop til it heals? Sometimes ya gotta compromise.

Can allergies cause swelling under both eyes in the morning that goes away in the afternoon and has lasted for 2.5 weeks?

Answer Yes. It is very common for allergies to affect the eyes in a variety of ways. While this is common, it should be taken seriously. See a doctor while the symptoms are visible.