What Superbowl was won by the Steelers and was in Detroit?

Answer The Pittsburgh Steelers won their fifth Super Bowl championship by defeating the Seattle Seahawks, 21-10, in Super Bowl XL. Played inside Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, the game became the ... Read More »

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How much do NFL players make for the Superbowl?

NFL players on the winning team in Super Bowl XLIV--played in 2010--received an $83,000 bonus, while losing players received $42,000. Bonuses will increase for Super Bowls XLV and XLVI to $88,000 f... Read More »

How do I Make a Superbowl 10 X 10 Square Grid Box?

The 10x10 square grid pool is one of the most equitable ways for casual and serious football fans to take part in the same Super Bowl contest. Players purchase boxes for a preset amount until all 1... Read More »

What does steelers logo mean?

The Pittsburgh Steelers logo is based on the Steelmark logo that belongs to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). The logo was created by U.S. Steel Corp., now USX Corp. The logo contains t... Read More »

How to Be a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan?

The Steelers are a great team who usually do well. They have a rich history and it is nice to be a Steelers fan.