Will the smell of weed still be on your clothes if you smoke out of a bong?

Answer yes.. obviously cause your outside your clothes wont smell as much but its still smoke, your clothes are obviously going to absorb it.

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How to get smoke smell out of clothes (my parents smoke)?

I feel for you. Have you told your parents about the hurtful comments you have to endure at school because of them and how it is affecting you. Why can't they go outside and smoke, many people do t... Read More »

How to Get the Smell of Smoke out of Clothes and Hair?

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How to Remove Wood Smoke Smell From Clothes?

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My mom smokes inside my house. How do I prevent it from making my clothes smell and having 2nd hand smoke?

Febreze fabric spray for your clothes and furniture. Scent chips in your room and other places in the house. Keep air circulating with fans as best you can.