Did you ever slip and fall on ice?

Answer I did, but it wasn't the shoes. Shoes don't make you fall. I had slip resistant shoes on that I had to wear for work at the time and I landed flat on my back, Ouch!

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How long will this take me to fall asleep when will i get tired?

You have to get off the computer, get into bed and turn the lights off. The lights are very important. You may fall asleep before you even realize you're sleepy.>

Does Spongebob ever fall in love?

Not in the way you think, but he is said to have loved his pet horse Mystery.

Did Discord ever fall in love with Hercules on the TV show?

I think she did but it went no where , here I found this site for you

Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster?

No....although I sometimes wonder if I should at least consider it. I think the only times I have been given any kind of sleeping pill or sleep medication have been times when I have been in hospit... Read More »