Will the rash go away if I stop taking oxycodone?

Answer On One Hand: Rash DurationAccording to the Mayo Clinic, a rash is a rare side effect of taking oxycodone. The rash will typically go away whether or not you stop taking oxycodone. The rash might pe... Read More »

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Will side effects with zocor go away when I stop taking it?

Depletion of CoQ10 is the best known side effect of statins. Their effect on CoQ10 is reversible but the effect of low CoQ10 may not be. There is a DNA mutation in the midocodria of your muscles. M... Read More »

How can I stop my 15 year old from accessing, without taking the pc away?

Naomi Internet Filter

Has anyone experienced a sweat rash that will not go away and spreads on stomach back and shoulders?

Answer I get a sweat/heat rash on my back and shoulders and for years the only relief was a girlfriend with long fingernails. But now I've found something else... #1 - I switched to 100% cotton Fr... Read More »

What is wrong if you have an itching rash on your inner thigh that will not go away?

Answer There are so many reasons for this. Wearing nylons can certainly cause rashes and itchy skin because nylon does not breath. Wear cotton slacks out and forget the nylons and see if that hel... Read More »