Will the public library let me use my paper to print what i need?

Answer Probably not, because they may not want to take responsibility for possible damage to the printer for unauthorized paper media being used. But, if you can find someone who is nice enough to work wi... Read More »

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Differences Among Patrons in a Public Library vs. a School Library?

There is a lot of discussion among librarians about the differences among different types of libraries. Ultimately, it seems that the differences among the various types of libraries have less to ... Read More »

Can u use a public library's printer without a library card?

You only need a card to borrow so go ahead and use the printer.- Dominic

How to Use a Public Library?

Not your mother's libraryHas it been a while since you've been to the library? Yikes. If you haven't been for a while, something you're about to discover is that they are completely different from ... Read More »

How many of you use your public library just to get out Im here now and I have a computer?

Only if I am there, and my dell is not. Im still a novice, taughtmyself, started Oct. last. Like talking to you Maggie May!