Will the print be better if i scan in 1200 dpi?

Answer increasing dpi will not reflect much more in your printout

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Will a scanner whose scan quality is 1200 x 2400 ppi be good enough to scan slides?

yes.I would recommend 9600dpi if the images are really important and are going to be used for printing.

Lexmark All in One wireless will not scan, but will print. What is wrong?

the problem is that Lexmark are cheap and nasty and this is not uncommon,you could get it fixed but the cost will probably be more than the cost of a new one---not lexmark !!!!1

If I scan something will It print out the same size?

Very simple. open the original file and click once on it and check at the bottom how many pixles wide and long it is then open the one you edited on Photoshop and go to images->image size then give... Read More »

I cant get my printer to work it will copy and scan but not print?

get the cd that came withe the printre and put it in install every they wanted restart thats it