Will the president's wife receive secret service when he leaves office?

Answer I Dont Know? its a secret. They investigate counterfeit money and they protect the president.

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Will the presidents wife receive secret service?

Yes he did. On a number of occasions---both as Vice-President and later as CinC. Hear tell he would play duets with his USMC Honor Guard, but need to confirm that.

How long after the president is out of office will he receive secret service coverage?

Life protection is no longer given to former presidents. Starting with President Bush, when leaves office in January, he will receive protection for ten years. The law was changed in 2008. For the ... Read More »

How long do past presidents families receive secret service protection?

Until they die or refuse it. Also, their spouse is protected.

When did Secret Service for ex-presidents first begin?

Presidents after clinton get secret service protection for up to ten years after they leave office. Presidents before that who had secret service protection got it for life. Clinton was the last pr... Read More »