Will the photo printers in boots let you print from a memory stick or just your camera memory card?

Answer yes in boots you can print from any memory stick,well at the boots store in my area you can and if its a big store sure it will be the same

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How to Use a MicroSD/MicroSDHC Card in Your Memory Stick Pro Camera (Sony)?

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How many photo fit on a 2 gb memory card in a 10 megapixel digital camera?

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My memory card is locking itself i unlock it but then i stick it back in the camera and it locks again?

It's extremely unlikely that this is true. Having used both cameras, the Canon is FAR AND AWAY a better camera. However, megapixels have little to nothing to do with sharpness. Most likely, what ... Read More »

How many photo's can you store on a 16gb memory card with 12 megapixel camera?

Have you tried rotating it?You are supposed to rotate it with the lens release button pushed to take it out.If its still stuck, you are better off taking it to a professional repair shop, or callin... Read More »