Will the mixture I made make alcohol?

Answer Science says it will.Yeast and sugar is all you really need.Although the results won't be that good, yeast formed on flour is not used to make wine.Wine makers use a different kind of yeast to make... Read More »

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You need 1350 mL of a 65% alcohol solution. On hand, you have a 90% alcohol mixture. How much of the 90% alcoh?

Now, this is a useful time to look up molarity and concentration and related equations for chemistry. this one can be solved by dilution:65% x 1350mL = 90% x yy = 975mLso 975mL of the stock(90% alc... Read More »

Is rubbing alcohol a homogeneous mixture?

A homogeneous mixture is visibly uniform throughout, and any samples taken from the mixture will always be identical. Rubbing alcohol is a homogeneous mixture. Opposite of homogeneous is a heteroge... Read More »

Is eugenol a mixture of benzoic alcohol&oil of clove?

Eugenol is a mixture of a benzoic alcohol and oil of clove. The benzene ring within eugenol consists of six carbons, and the ring is bonded to an OH, which is the alcohol group. Eugenol gives clove... Read More »

How to make home made alcohol?

Ingredients:1. Water2. Yeast3. Powdered Sugar (Confectioners Sugar)4. And an airtight container to put it in (mason jars work well get the pint sized ones with the lids they come in a 12 pack and c... Read More »