Will the military accept a GED?

Answer You should be able to gain admittance to certain military programs with a GED. Note that your opportunities may be limited since a high school diploma is most preferable. Without even a GED, though... Read More »

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Does the military accept diplomas from private high schools... I got my diploma from American academy of Pinecrest ...and i was wondering if the military accepts these kind of diplomas?

Will the military accept a felony enlistment?

If you wish to join the military and you have a felony conviction, you will have to request a waiver. Each waiver request is considered on an individual basis and will take into account what your c... Read More »

Online Schools That Accept Military Experience?

The military lifestyle can make it difficult to obtain a college degree at traditional schools. Unexpected military commitments can prevent servicemen and women from completing courses, which can e... Read More »

Does the military accept people that were in special education?

Quite often, yes, provided they can pass the ASVAB with the minimally acceptable GT score for the service in which they hope to enlist.