Will the inter-net run out of capacity in two years?

Answer Yes it is plausible. However, will it happen? Doubtful as big business will lose tons of money if it happens so they will work to insure it wont happen.As to the remainder of your Q, AT&T will fin... Read More »

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Was the US Army first to inter Iraq or was the US Marines first to inter Iraq?

The Army had units in Iraq first. US Army Special Forces were in Iraq before the war even began. As for the ground offensive, it was a simultaneous push - the border was crossed at several points s... Read More »

What is the printing capacity of an expression home xp-400 standard and high capacity cartridge?

You can take epson's numbers with a large grain of salt. Their cartridges are usually 3/4 empty when brand new and the printers often say out of ink when you can shake the cartridge and hear the in... Read More »

Do blank discs have varying capacity,for instance do you need a larger capacity disc to download a full length?

Yes, they're are all types of blank cd's ones with 700mb or 1.5gb and more depending on how much you want to put on that CD you should buy accordingly. For a full length HD film I would probably bu... Read More »

What is inter alia?

"Inter alia" is a Latin phrase used in a variety of formal contexts. It means "among other things."MeaningThe literal meaning of "inter alia" is "among other things." This phrase indicates that the... Read More »