Will the instant propane hot water heater save me money?

Answer On One Hand: Use Less EnergyIf you are already using a standard propane water heater, switching to an instant or on-demand water heater will save up to 20 percent off of your energy costs, accordin... Read More »

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Which will let a propane water heater anode last longer Potassium or salt in the water softener?

Potassium is more reactive than sodium and will cause a sacrificial anode to deplete quicker. However, the rates of depletion are still relatively close, so that should not be a deciding factor wh... Read More »

Will a natural gas water heater burn propane?

It is not safe to burn propane in a natural gas water heater. Additionally, natural gas is unsafe to use in a propane gas water heater. A majority of water heaters run on natural gas with a smaller... Read More »

How much money do you save with a tankless water heater?

A tankless water heater operates only when you demand hot water, so it is more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters that constantly heat water. According to the Department of Energy, you... Read More »

Will an Electric Space Heater Save Money Over Central Heat?

With the price for energy predicted to climb as worldwide demand increases, many families are examining everyday energy expenditures to help control their energy budget. Although it's easy to quant... Read More »