Will the food stamp office contact my employer?

Answer One of the requirements of the Food Stamp program is to verify income. If you do not have verification of income, the foods stamp agency may contact your employer. Most application for food stamps ... Read More »

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Is the food stamp office in Coney Island open?

Can an employer contact you while on disability?

Yes. Most people would take it as a sign that the employer actually cares about their employee.

How often does the post office change stamp designs?

Each year, the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee of the United States Postal Service makes new recommendations for stamps that are based on the thousands of ideas submitted by the general public. ... Read More »

What does hot food mean in the food stamp program?

Hot food when pertaining to food stamps is any food that is prepared and heated in the stores, usually by store employees. Most states do not allow hot food purchases with a food stamp card, but th... Read More »