Will the flu shot make me sick?

Answer On One Hand: There Are Flu Shot Side EffectsThere are certain flu vaccination side effects that can occur. Some people develop a low grade fever, aches, and /or redness, soreness and swelling at th... Read More »

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Will a flu shot make you sick.?

Hi:)), Registered Nurse here; Sorry to hear your feeling bad. The answer is yes the flu shot can make one sick, and throwing up is certainly seen with the flu. The flue shot stimulates your bodie... Read More »

Does the swine flu shot make you sick?

Most flu vaccinations do not make many people sick. There are very few significant adverse reactions reported to the vaccine safety monitoring agencies and very rare deaths (usually from severe all... Read More »

Health care workers, does getting the annual flu shot make you feel sick?

Nope. Not usually. Keep in mind, though, that your immune system is having to fight off three different strains of flu simultaneously after the shot, so it is not uncommon for some virus (flu or ... Read More »

What happens if you take the flu shot while sick?

You will likely have mild to severe flu symptoms. Cancel your shot if you have a fever, and don't fib if the nurse ask you if you have been sick in the last week. The only person you will hurt is y... Read More »