Will the flu shot cause a miscarriage?

Answer On One Hand: Vaccination RecommendedDoctors recommend that pregnant women get vaccinated against the flu. Getting sick can be harmful to both the mother and the baby. A fever can potentially cause ... Read More »

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Can humprhey 11 cause a miscarriage?

i've never heard of humprhey 11-- you could call your dr or the pharmacy where you got it- they should be able to tell you Source(s): question about future pregnancies- please answer: http://answer... Read More »

Can muscle relaxers cause miscarriage?

Muscle relaxers have not been proven to cause miscarriage; most are rated FDA pregnancy category "C." This is because there is not enough information and research to conclude if they are safe. Whil... Read More »

What medications can cause miscarriage?

Answer miscarriage hi, I asked myself this question when I had my first miscarriage. I got really bad morning sickness and decided I needed to do something about it without consulting a doctor. Don... Read More »

Can drinking vinegar cause a miscarriage?

Vinegar and Miscarriages No. Drinking any amount of vinegar will not cause a miscarriage at any point of time in a pregnancy. It's definitely NOT a good idea to try to end a pregnancy by taking an... Read More »