Will the digital cable conversion affect my neighbors cable box and hence, my reception?

Answer What's the matter with your stupid neightbor? Can't he do anything right? Some people can be so inconsiderate, can't they? Digital conversion will probably block you out in which case you will defi... Read More »

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Does wind affect reception on cable tv?

Very rare. Cable tv runs through a cable that usually travels next to the power lines, or underground depending where you are. The only reason that wind would affect your cable tv is if a power lin... Read More »

Is cable-ready the same as digital reception for a tv?

Cable-ready is not the same as digital reception for a television. Older televisions are cable-ready, but not capable of receiving a digital signal without a converter box. New televisions are both... Read More »

What is the differance between Digital Component Cable & Digital Coaxial Audio cable?

Sorry DB they do differ in what freqs they are 75 ohms of impedance. You could substitute one for the other but your best bet is to use the properly designed cable. Don't forget the 10% max rule BT... Read More »

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