Will the dell inspiron 8200 support a 160gb hard drive?

Answer Yes, the Dell Inspiron 8200 can support a 160 GB hard drive. However, you must be running, at the minimum, Windows XP SP2 for the operating system to see it. Otherwise, it will only see 137 GB.More... Read More »

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How to Reformat My Dell 8200 Hard Drive?

Reformatting the hard drive in your Dell 8200 is necessary if you are upgrading to a new operating system or if you are installing a new hard drive and want to reinstall Windows XP. These instructi... Read More »

Where is the hard drive on a Dell Inspiron 5100?

The hard drive in the Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop is found in the corner of the base of the laptop. If you place your laptop upside down on a table, with the bottom facing upward and the hinges close... Read More »

Where is the Dell Inspiron 5150 hard drive?

The hard drive in a Dell Insprion 5150 computer is located on the corner of the left side of the laptop's body, directly next to the headphone and audio jacks.References:Dell Support: Dell Inspiron... Read More »

How to Reset a Dell Inspiron 8200?

Dell computers usually come equipped with a built-in setup known as "System Restore." The system restore program is basically meant to take the computer back to the factory settings and operating s... Read More »