Will the cupcake last?

Answer They will stay perfect. Keep them in an air tighten container, and try not to keep switching them from warm to cold to warm to cold as this may change the icing consistency. Try using a frosting re... Read More »

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Can you please tell me which cupcake bakeries that were on cupcake wars are located in chicago?

Mollys cupcakes won cupcake wars located on 2536 North Clark Street in the northside. There was also a bus that was on cupcake wars...everyday it is somewhere else in the Chicagoland area. It is a ... Read More »

If i plant a Cupcake, will it grow into a Cupcake tree?

yep, but you need to make sure you add sprinkles in the dirt to nurish it, a little frosting too. but not too much, it will hurt your cupcacke seedling.

How to Be a "Cupcake Emo"?

Confused on whether you're emo or girly? Well, you're a "cupcake emo." It's very similar to "scene," but you still keep your emo ways, such as your music type, and instead of all red and black, pin... Read More »

How to Be a "Cupcake" Emo?

Do you want to be emo, girly and bad at the same time? Well, try being a Cupcake Emo! A Cupcake Emo is kinda scene but not completly just the hair! She's caring and sweet, but sometimes deep and se... Read More »