Will the baby getting into position for delivery cause pain?

Answer Answer Yes and No.It depends on your body shape and type and how big the baby is.With my first pregnancy i had no pains at all not even when my water broke,i went into labor at 7am and my daughter... Read More »

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What are some signs your baby is getting ready for delivery?

Answer Sometimes you get a nesting instinct and have to clean your house from top to bottom. You may crave carbohydrate, go with this because they don't call it labor for nothing.The Braxton-Hicks... Read More »

When will my baby turn for delivery?

Most babies are born in the head-first, or vertex, presentation. Babies will begin to turn into a good position for birth in the third trimester. According to "A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnanc... Read More »

Will a Camshaft Position Sensor Cause a Car Not to Have Spark?

Modern cars use a variety of sensors to monitor engine functions and to ensure reliable and efficient operation. The camshaft position sensor is one that imparts vital information to the electronic... Read More »

Can dairy in baby formula cause gas&pain?

Dairy milk is the main ingredient in baby formulas. It can cause gas and pain if the baby develops an allergy to it. If a milk allergy is suspected, a doctor may recommend trying a soy-based or hyp... Read More »