Will the alternator recharge a car battery?

Answer An alternator is designed to maintain the charge of a good battery. It cannot recharge a depleted battery. A bad alternator can actually pull the charge from a battery, having the opposite effect.S... Read More »

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How to Recharge a Dead Car Battery With a Bad Alternator?

In a correctly functioning vehicle, the battery provides temporary power to start the engine and run accessories like the lights and radio when the engine is switched off. The alternator, on the ot... Read More »

How fast does an alternator have to spin to recharge a battery?

An alternator will recharge a battery at any speed if it produces the same voltage as the battery. The speed at which an alternator spins will control the current, which controls the time it takes ... Read More »

Will your battery recharge if you put it in the frige?

No, it is just said to extend their life if not immediately used.

Will a Car Battery Recharge Itself After Being Dead?

Even for the least initiated among us, the car battery presents little mystery when compared with the rest of the automotive repair world. A dead battery can usually be recharged with a jump from a... Read More »