Do they make a lawnmower attachment for Hoverounds This is the second year that I will receive no ...?

Answer If they do make such an attachment, darling, you can establish a thriving business cutting other people's lawns, so you won't have to let your own gardener go.You two have been together so long, it... Read More »

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K, an 8 YEAR OLD wearing this much makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you will want to click this one!!!!!!!!?

My daughter is nine and i only allow her to wear makeup when we are playing around, giving each other makeovers and stuff. That much makeup on a child or adult for that matter is totally ridiculous!

EFC this year is 4700 as an independent. Last year I made 19k but I'm not working this year. What should I do?

You need to report this change to your financial aid office at your college/university and they will report it to FAFSA. Yes, it will reduce the EFC since you are not working.

Will the Canon 7D be replaced this year?

As you look at the entry level cameras like the 600D, they are replaced about every 18 months. The 60D replaced the 50D after 24 months.Since the 7D was designed to compete with the Nikon D300, we... Read More »

I can make my eyes go blurry at will. Can anyone else do this How is this done?

I CAN DO IT 2!!!! idk how it happens but i just can. its super weird... and ya none of my friends can do that etheir