Will the Swingtips be erased from Wikipedia?

Answer Robert is correct in identifying paid editing as wiki heresy, which has long been the case despite the fact that Wikipedia admits it has no written policy or guideline concerning paid editing to th... Read More »

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Why does Wikipedia allow an article about The Swingtips, but not about SEO 2.0?

Why Wikipediots do anything is often a mystery, even though their response to this particular query is extremely predictable: WP:OTHERSTUFFEXISTS. My best guess in this particular case is that Wiki... Read More »

Can a DVD-R be erased?

You cannot erase a DVD-R disc to allow it to hold new data. DVD-R discs contain a reactive dye that changes when a certain type of laser light is applied. The change cannot be reversed. DVD-RW and ... Read More »

Can erased files be detected?

Yes, erased files can generally be detected. When a file is deleted it is made available to be overwritten, but it is not actually deleted. This makes it possible to detect and even recover the f... Read More »

How to Restore an Erased File?

Computer files come and go. Files are not often needed forever, so users erase them. This usually entails sending them to the Recycle Bin by either dragging them there or using the "Delete" key. Bu... Read More »