Will the Sansa e260 (4GB) read a micro SDHC card (4GB or higher)?

Answer Yes and no . . . the official firmware that it comes with will not play SDHC cards, but you can change the firmware pretty easily to something called Rockbox (just google it and you will find instr... Read More »

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My Sansa e260 Won't Recognize the SD Card?

If your Sandisk Sansa e260 MP3 player won't recognize your Secure Digital (SD) card, there are many possible reasons that your card isn't being read. Unless you dropped your e260 in a lake, odds a... Read More »

Can you use the adapter to convert a micro SDHC card into a SDHC card?

A regular microSD-to-SD adapter should also work for HC cards. Try it and see.

How much can a 4gb sdhc micro sd card hold?

The amounts vary depending on the format of the device used. The higher the quality of video, music or pictures, the less is able to be stored. Between 95 and 2861 pictures, 15 and 40 hours of vide... Read More »

What is a SanDisk 4GB Micro SDHC flash card used for?

The SanDisk 4GB Micro Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card is a storage device that will retain its information even when removed from a power source. Videos, photos and music files can all be ... Read More »