Will the Pipes Burst if My Boiler is Broken?

Answer Broken and burst pipes can be one of the most costly accidents for homeowners. Not only can the leaking water result in serious water damage, but the dampness left behind can cause mold and mildew ... Read More »

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How to Fix Burst Water Pipes?

Water pipes can be fractured or burst by freezing weather, or possibly a blockage in the line. Either way, the issue should be addressed directly -- such as installing better insulation -- as well ... Read More »

Have you ever had burst pipes and flooded out of your home?

No lv... hope you get sortted out soon .. if id been closer id of helped you out ..somehow

Will my frozen pipes burst if I use a space heater?

When frozen pipes burst, it happens when they freeze due to the expansion that happens when water becomes ice, not when they thaw out. It doesn't matter what you use to thaw them out, it all does ... Read More »

Is condominium association ever responsible for interior water damage due to burst pipes?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. Look there to find the boundary between an owner's property and the common property. This boundary can be, the 'skin', the paint, the p... Read More »