Will the ink doctor be open tomorrow?

Answer Yes

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Are doctors offices' going to be open tomorrow?

Highly the answering service.

Is Victorias Secret going to be open tomorrow?

Yes they are open as all almost all retail establishments, and yes I'm sure there will be sales. Everybody will have them.

If my friend has open heart surgery tomorrow how soon before she can go back to work?

I have known people who go back to work in 3-5 days after angioplasty. I have known others that were back to work in 12 weeks. It all depends on why she is having the angioplasty. (e.g. did she ... Read More »

How to Run a Bookstore?

Internet purchasing and electronic books has changed the way customers buy books, but bookstores are holding their share of the market from small, intimate shops to large chain stores. If you are r... Read More »